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Home energy management

Home Energy Management – the Big Picture

Adoption of Smart homes enabling technologies is picking up for a number of different, very valid reasons – it introduces a high level of comfort and convenience to home owners, enables optimized energy utilization leading to lower  monthly costs and, more importantly, provides a better living experience in terms of managed security and added digital […]

IoT Enabled Advanced Asset Condition Monitoring

Reducing operational costs and increasing operational efficiency has always been in the minds of business executives to stay ahead of ever-growing competition. The maintenance and upkeep of capital assets is a big component of operational costs. Unplanned outages caused by improper maintenance strategies or schedules are a huge drain on operational efficiencies; they lead to […]

IoT and the vision of Net Zero

IoT and the Vision of Net Zero

Growing population, economic development in Asia, Africa and South/Central America and shrinking natural resources continue to strain the global energy sector. With the global energy consumption expected to grow by 50% over the next 30 years, efficient utilization and conservation of this depleting natural resource is even more critical. With the goal to achieve Net […]

Driving IoT Adoption

Driving IoT Adoption

IoT, as a technology, has evolved and matured in the last decade since it became an emerging technology and was introduced in Gartner’s Hype Cycle in 2011. While there have been some advancements in the use of IoT for operational efficiencies, optimal asset utilization, quality control, etc. in manufacturing, healthcare, energy and other industries, we […]

IoT Platform - Binding the IoT Ecosystem Together

IoT Platform – Binding the IoT Ecosystem Together

The word IoT has meant many different things to different people, none of it is wrong in any sense. It has been just a matter of perspective. Device and sensor manufacturers think of it as the sensors at the center of the IoT ecosystem with some connectivity and software around the sensors to capture and […]

How IoT helps in remote healthcare

Social Distancing: Can IoT help?

We are all well aware of the challenges of globalization, more so now than ever. The early decades of this century might as well be called the decades of the flu – SARS, MERS, Swine Flu and now COVID-19. The ill-effects of proximity are showing up in cruel ways with the risks that healthcare workers […]