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Lean Principles & IoT for Smart Manufacturing

The Lean Principle MUDA, MURA & MURI – These three Japanese terms (also called the Three Ms), used together by Toyota successfully in its Toyota Production System, collectively describe wasteful practices to be eliminated. MUDA is the actual wasteful activity that does not add any value in the value stream, MURA is a reference to […]

KPI driven Digital Performance Management using IoT

IoT technology and the ecosystem built around it has given us real-time insights into the physical or operational world. Specifically, IT-OT integration has allowed us to monitor various aspects of any equipment, machine or an operational process and extract meaningful data from different states of these operational technologies. It has opened doors that did not […]

Interoperability in IoT – Caught in Its Own Success

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about how and why an IoT Platform is an important component of an IoT reference architecture. One of the key values an IoT Platform brings is managing information flow between all the various devices and sensors in that IoT ecosystem by enabling interoperability. While we haven’t really […]

IoT Enabled Advanced Asset Condition Monitoring

Reducing operational costs and increasing operational efficiency has always been in the minds of business executives to stay ahead of ever-growing competition. The maintenance and upkeep of capital assets is a big component of operational costs. Unplanned outages caused by improper maintenance strategies or schedules are a huge drain on operational efficiencies; they lead to […]