Category: Digital Performance Management

Climate Control – Getting One Step Closer with Technology

As the United States re-engages the global community in its fight on climate control, many other nations have also doubled down in their commitment towards the targets set as part of the Paris Agreement. Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is still the goal and legislative action alone will not be enough to achieve this. And […]

Industrial Energy Management with IoT Based DPM

Energy costs are typically the highest indirect expense in the manufacturing industry. A study conducted by the Australian Government showed that HVAC systems alone make up for about 40% of that energy expense. Manufacturers pay billions of dollars in wasted energy costs every year just in running their air compressors. With a strong focus on […]

KPI driven Digital Performance Management using IoT

IoT technology and the ecosystem built around it has given us real-time insights into the physical or operational world. Specifically, IT-OT integration has allowed us to monitor various aspects of any equipment, machine or an operational process and extract meaningful data from different states of these operational technologies. It has opened doors that did not […]