Category: Energy and Utilities

Climate Control – Getting One Step Closer with Technology

As the United States re-engages the global community in its fight on climate control, many other nations have also doubled down in their commitment towards the targets set as part of the Paris Agreement. Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is still the goal and legislative action alone will not be enough to achieve this. And […]

Industrial Energy Management with IoT Based DPM

Energy costs are typically the highest indirect expense in the manufacturing industry. A study conducted by the Australian Government showed that HVAC systems alone make up for about 40% of that energy expense. Manufacturers pay billions of dollars in wasted energy costs every year just in running their air compressors. With a strong focus on […]

Home Energy Management – the Big Picture

Adoption of Smart homes enabling technologies is picking up for a number of different, very valid reasons – it introduces a high level of comfort and convenience to home owners, enables optimized energy utilization leading to lower  monthly costs and, more importantly, provides a better living experience in terms of managed security and added digital […]

IoT and the Vision of Net Zero

Growing population, economic development in Asia, Africa and South/Central America and shrinking natural resources continue to strain the global energy sector. With the global energy consumption expected to grow by 50% over the next 30 years, efficient utilization and conservation of this depleting natural resource is even more critical. With the goal to achieve Net […]